I’m Not Waiting

Superman.  He’s not brave.  .  .  .  You don’t understand. He’s smart.  He’s handsome.  He’s even decent. But he’s not brave.  .  .  . He’s indestructible  .  .  . you can’t be brave when you’re indestructible.  It’s guys like you and me that are brave, Angus. Guys who are different, and can be crushed — and know it –but go out there anyway. #

Angus has to choose if he wants to be brave or to be Superman.  And I won’t spoil either story for you – you should read one and watch the other.4 #

  1. I know a thing or two about that.  For that reason, and several others, I’m not a fan of bullies. []
  2. played exquisitely by George C. Scott []
  3. I’m quoting the short story, the movie lines are slightly different. []
  4. There’re some weird and strangely satisfying differences between the two.  Seriously.  Check them both out. []
  5. And pricey looking []
  6. Who, I wonder, is “for” bad teachers? []
  7. But not unwilling.  It’s a long journey.  Take time to rest. []