On Curmudgeonliness or Why I’m Not Going to Say “Yeah, Yeah,” But I’m At Least Going to Try To Be More Nice About It

  1. I’m thinking Twitter isn’t so handy for thoughtful critique sometimes. []
  2. The amazingness of everything really bugs me. Overusing praise is a problem – both in classrooms and in collegial spaces. Dialogue isn’t terribly useful if it’s not actually a give and take, but actually just a give. More on that in a minute. []
  3. If you want to read the tweets, they’re available here (as a picture) or here (with links – do a search for @web20classroom to sort). []
  4. And I sure hope that you’ll understand if I ask you for clarification, or tell you that I just don’t understand you or your point. It’s not rude. Honest. []
  5. I forgot for a bit, though, maybe. []