It’s Alive. And I Like It.

Anne Collier‘s sharing a new report on online safety and technology, “Youth Safety on a Living Internet.” I wasn’t eager to see yet another report, as I’ve read a few – but as I skimmed the first several pages, I understood why she was excited by the work.  She was the co-chair of the Online Safety and Technology Working Group, the folks that produced the review, and there’s plenty of thoughtfulness baked in.  I’d encourage you to take a close look.  It’s indicative of a shift in thinking about how the Internet should be viewed and used by kids, teachers, parents and schools. (Notice – How.  Not if.)

In particular, I found the frank discussion of youth risks, while not new, to be refreshingly written.  Here’s a taste:

So, based on the research and the opinions of several experts, one of the biggest risks to children may be adults who try to shut down the informal learning involved in their use of Internet technologies at home or school. (p. 18)

Quite right.

There’s lots to like here.  I hope someone in a position to do something about the working group’s recommendations is taking good notes as they review the report. Anne’s got a full wrap up of coverage on her site.  The report’s below.

Online Safety and Technology Working Group Final Report

3 thoughts on “It’s Alive. And I Like It.

  1. Neal says:

    Hi, thanks for the link. A hugely refreshing article, honest and practical. I’m not sure it’s what those in control like to hear as it’s very challenging in many respects (your quotation above sums it up) but very challenging.

  2. Two questions / points:

    1) Do you think that COPPA has increased the safety of our youth online? I’m not sure how COPPA is enforced, though…
    2) I’m a big fan of the “give the network to the kids” approach of OLPC. While the initial implementation leaves a bit to be desired, the idea of encouraging collaboration by providing technology specifically designed for such has merit.

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