NPM 2010: Prompt 26

magnetic poetry
Creative Commons License photo credit: surrealmuse

Today, write a poem for the fridge.  And post it there.  (And here.)   Read it aloud at dinner.

7 thoughts on “NPM 2010: Prompt 26

  1. (My five year old has Star Wars mania on his mind, and he draws Luke all the time, which we, of course, put up on the fridge)

    Oh, Luke, how could you
    flash that light saber at your father like that,
    there, with your stick arms and fat head,
    drawn from some innocence yearning for conflict
    and placed right next to the phone numbers
    of people whose numbers we should remember anyway.
    Luke, you’re not going anywhere anyway,
    not with that magnet stuck to your head,
    and I hope you don’t mind sharing your space with a report card,
    a few coupons,
    a reminder or two,
    and that flier for a summer camp.
    Space has become a cluttered place, Luke, and you’ll have to make do
    until the Force of gravity releases you.

    1. love it!! big Star Wars fan myself!
      “Luke, you’re not going anywhere anyway with that magnet stuck to your head…”
      ha ha ha

  2. I picked out words I could see in the picture prompt….ended up with a sad song

    look, everyday
    more lost
    inviting ancient experience
    now more sin
    hence cry, cleanse
    home upon fool

  3. Ill share this experience,
    with the visitors to my home
    the viewers of my personals
    my fridge, bare to the bone.

    I’ll let them see the real me,
    hidden in the cold
    waiting for an answer
    attempting to talk in BOLD.

    I’ll surprise them with my wit,
    provide a cautionary tale,
    console them for love lost,
    create strength in those once frail.

    For with my words,
    powerful and strong,
    I’ll inform them of the difference
    between right and wrong,

    All this,
    enlightenment and more,
    on my fridge, for your my visitor –
    don’t forget to shut the door!

      1. Thanks. I write twice a day anyway and then I came across this so I thought I’d start going back and filling in the gaps with my own words.


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