NPM2009: Prompt 24

4 thoughts on “NPM2009: Prompt 24

  1. Justice Served

    When the gavel talks,
    the world falls silent
    but what happens to justice
    when no one is watching?
    Is the law an invisible backbone
    that keeps us standing straight
    or just another broken authority figure
    to be ignored when the lights go down?
    You decide,
    as I take minutes from my squeaky chair
    just outside the circle.

    Listen to the poem:

    Kevin Hodgsons last blog post..We Find Love — a song about love

  2. Hans Snoek
    Wasn’t a crook
    The upright jury agreed.

    Officer Brook,
    Closed his book
    And cast his doubt on the creed.

    Judge Meries
    With dutiful eyes
    As dull as the courtroom floor,

    Raised his pen
    At Officer Wein
    Who opened the panelled door.

    And that’s what we know
    Of the courtroom show
    For the news of the verdict will travel,

    And that’s what we heard
    Of Meries’ word,
    As he woke up the press with his gavel.

    Ken Allans last blog post..Technology Competency & 21st Century Learners

  3. Justice is not as blind as she would like us to believe. The divorce process with an adversarial counterpart makes justice blind for moments at a time by the sheer volume of ludicrous acrimony perpetuated by evil intent. Justice and truth eventually prevail, but the wheels grind exceedingly slow.

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