“Pages” – NPM 2009

Book Lust

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Inside those pages
Are places I’ll get to
And others I won’t.

In that book,
An old love letter
To be read one day by a stranger.
In that one?
A wad of gum,
A trap purposely set.

Fingerprints in that one
Chocolate or lipstick
Boarding pass over there.

I left you a note once,
On the first page of a book,
I was almost brave enough to give it to you.

Let’s make a deal
You and me:
I’ll start on the left side
You on the right side
And what we find
We split.

– Written in response to this prompt. (Good poems in the comments there.)

5 thoughts on ““Pages” – NPM 2009

  1. The piles
    Of books
    Have somehow started
    to take over my house
    Books in every room

    The ones I’ve already read
    That I can’t part with
    Those that I hope
    One of my daughters
    Loves as I do
    Sometime in the future

    The ones I haven’t yet read
    But that are possibilities
    For the future
    When I have a quiet
    Day for reading

    Frankis last blog post..Poetry Month: LOOSE LEASHES by Amy Schmidt

  2. Cross-posted at http://ricktanski.wordpress.com/2009/04/02/national-poetry-month-2009-42-a-book/

    “A Book”

    A book
    Full of words
    Line by line
    The story revealed

    A book
    Pages numbered
    Turn by turn
    The story told

    A book
    Letter by letter
    The story crafted

    The page
    Contains its lines

    The lines
    Contain their words

    The words
    Without their links
    Before and aft

    Each word hangs on the next
    As each breath mists into another
    Each grows
    As the days grow to weeks
    And the weeks to months
    And the months to years
    And the years
    A lifetime

    The letter second
    The word minute
    The sentence day
    The page month
    The chapter year
    The book lifetime

    Authored artfully
    Made meticulously
    Crafted carefully
    Composed consciously

    As randomness contradicts purpose
    So does meaninglessness life

    The chapter complete
    In its number
    Fails the book
    In its sole telling

    The sentence powerful
    In its wholeness
    Fails the story
    In its only completeness

    The word essential
    In its purpose
    Fails the sentence
    In its isolation

    The letter necessary
    In its formation
    Fails the word
    In its scrutiny

    The letter makes the word
    The word makes the sentence
    The sentence the page
    The page the chapter
    The chapter the story

    To disentangle a sentence from a book
    May reveal a morsel
    The sentence hangs in the air
    But a brief moment
    Revealing itself
    Hinting at its purpose
    In the grand design

    But it falls
    Lifeless as a petal plucked

    Its purpose lost in the extrication and isolation
    Pointless parsing
    The whole lost
    On one

    Rick Tanskis last blog post..National Poetry Month 2009 4.2 A Book

  3. And there still standing on the shelf, that old
    And now more treasured roll of hallowed rhyme,
    A second-hand edition bought and sold
    And bought again perhaps a final time,
    For in that aged encasement I’ve been lost
    And found a tranquil solitude in verse,
    And many times more recompensed the cost
    When poetry would all my being immerse;
    The sunburst-sepia cedar-fragrant sheaves
    Have kept their freshness, and that poignancy
    I first found joy in reading never leaves,
    But stirs in me the same expectancy
    When first I glanced into the book and yearned
    To sense that prized awareness I’ve since learned.

    Ken Allans last blog post..In Praise Of Plaudit

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