NPM 2009: Prompt 1

Book Lust

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I got immediate feedback that some prompts might be useful. So let’s give this a whirl. Our first prompt is this photo. Take a look. Think about it a bit. See where it takes you. Then write.  Publish.  Share.

(I’m using the tag npm2009 for these posts.  Maybe you want to use it for your poems, too. Maybe not.  It’s cool.)

13 thoughts on “NPM 2009: Prompt 1

  1. For that which I will never.

    In these books are pages I will never see,
    with words that I will never read.

    Places I will never go,
    knowledge I will never know.

    Seas I will never cross,
    games of catch I will never toss.

    Love I will never lose,
    choices I will never choose.

    Maidens I will never kiss,
    the lost I will never miss.

    Helpless I will never save,
    cravings I will never crave.

    Voids I will never feel,
    Looks I will never steal.

    Oh, with just a photo shown,
    the seeds of never that are sown.

    For in these books with pages I will never see,
    are the words that I will never read.

    Ben Greys last blog post..An Online Identity Crisis of Sorts

  2. Up ahead, so fair and bright
    Shining and inviting, it is a light.

    But to reach this light up ahead,
    There are walls of books that must be read.

    Absorbing wisdom and will to lead,
    Hungry minds and souls these books will feed.

    And through the light into the world,
    passion, knowledge and leadership will be unfurled.

    Kelly Hiness last blog post..Cool Tools 6

  3. You said they smelled
    And got in your way
    You flipped

    Don’t have a roof now
    At least not my own
    Up by the boot straps

    Quit the job I hated
    And the title you loved dropping at parties
    East End Books needed a clerk

    The books keep me company
    But not warm

    Merediths last blog post..National Poetry Month

  4. Books books everywhere
    and never the time to drink

    Each shelf reminds me of what lies beyond me
    and how it will remake me,
    how it will retake me
    how it will shake me

    I await the each page as a tree
    awaits a new leaf,

    Without the leaf, the tree withers and dies
    Without the page my soul cries out,

    Both needing nourishment
    Both caressing the light

    The tree with quantum bundled energy
    The soul with the light shining from the thousands who have drank before me and offer up their cups to me

    I drink, slowly
    the apple blossoms in bloom,
    the fruit of knowledge
    the fall that lies for all of us
    the cold and frosty end to my days

    Oh just give me the time
    My soul awaits the journey

    Dave Titles last blog post..Is Creation Science the Science It Claims To Be?

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