Seeing Mindfully, Thanks to D’Arcy

Mindful seeing is the process of turning off the filters, of seeing your surroundings unfettered and unobstructed. #

I am paying better attention now that I’m thinking about what to capture, and what will look good, and what’s worth remembering and the like.  And as I begin my second year of trying to take a picture everyday, I’m not worried about whether or not I’ll keep up with shooting (yep) and posting (not so much), but it’s becoming a part of my day, a piece of who I am and what I do.  That’s a big deal. #

12 thoughts on “Seeing Mindfully, Thanks to D’Arcy

  1. Bud…since I started teaching dv production in my English classes a few yearsago I have gradually come to the same understanding. I think this is not unlike the mindset of a poet, I think.

  2. Hi Bud,
    I am glad to be reading this post on your blog and I remember joining this group and sharing a photo daily. I loved the idea but would have liked more conversation.
    Inspired by this I created Photo Fridays as Flickr group and we have been growing and sharing and writing together. I think you joined originally. Hope you stop by again a share there too.

    Bonnie Ks last blog post..Last Night of Chanukah 2008

  3. I enjoyed this post as it resonated with me. I just joined the challenge this year (just day 10) but I already find I am looking differently. The ordinary becomes unique. I look at shadows, skies and tree silhouettes in the early evening. I have also been blogging and have been using this as a reason to write – mainly personal and reflective writing as I blog about my photos. Blogging more for me than my readers (if there are any) but trying to add a layer to the image that the image doesn’t say itself.

    Susan van Gelders last blog post..Day 9: Horses

  4. I tend to think of technology as a way of speeding up everyday life, and I love the fact that you are using technology to really appreciate life and take things a little more slowly. Whether it is through writing, photography, etc. it is important to me to really contemplate my life, and this is a great way in which to do so.

  5. Glad to see you on board with the group this year and opening up the mindful seeing concept. I find it more like the world is speaking all the time photographic opportunities and all we need to do is open up some different senses to pick up on it. As D’Arcy suggests it is an extremely active act.

    I like the part where you describe your family taking part in the decision making, that is wonderful. Keep on clicking, and remember, no one is graded on this assignment!

    Alan Levines last blog post..Blog Muzzled: Fourth Annual Comment Blogging Extravaganza

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