The Podcast: NotK12Online: A Scaffold We Hope You Won’t Need, But Hope You’ll Help Us Build Anyway

In this podcast, recorded Friday, I talk a little bit about NotK12Online, the fine folks who will be helping me to put it together, some of my/our initial ideas, and the juicy paradox of the whole endeavour.  I’ve got a great committee of folks assembled to do the beginning planning – but we’ll need plenty of help.  Below are links to the NotK12Online planning committee.  We’re all eager for your ideas, input and suggestions regarding NotK12Online.  It’s new.  It’s different.  It’s a walking contradictory paradox.  I love it.  Please contact us via the various communication links below:

Jackie Ballarini

Twitter – jackieb

e-mail – jackie.ballarini AT

Bill Bass

Twitter – wbass3

e-mail – bbass3 AT

Marcie T. Hull

Twitter – ecram3

e-mail – ecram3 AT

Bud Hunt

Twitter – budtheteacher

e-mail – budtheteacher AT

4 thoughts on “The Podcast: NotK12Online: A Scaffold We Hope You Won’t Need, But Hope You’ll Help Us Build Anyway

  1. Bud,

    K12 Online and notK12Online do have an audience. One of the items which I have been attuned to is the fact that most of the time lately, through many of the different methods of communication, is that we are engaging in many of these conversations in a vacuum. We are speaking most of the time within an echo chamber. Often times, we are not encouraging of new voices. But we are a minority of users.

    The majority of the teachers do not engage in personal learning or personal learning networks. They either do not know about it, or do not see value in participation. So having the presentations available to them when they are ready and receptive is important.

    I like the ideas about being able to communicate critically about some of the ideas. When we speak in an echo chamber, we often times develop group think. Having a wider range of potentially dissenting voices makes the group stronger.

    My thoughts

  2. The more I think about the whole concept (as fuzzy as it is), I do wonder if there is still a huge piece missing. I agree that there should be a way to include new voices and critical, thought proving discussion/differences of opinion. I’m looking forward to the conference and “not” conference. What I’m afraid of is that we are only moving forward for a group of people who already “get it.” I’m concerned that there is still a large population of educators that could benefit from the conference in whatever forms, but don’t know anything about it. Many of us talk about feeling like islands in our home schools/districts. Ed tech PD happens in some places, but not in others for a variety of reasons. Some districts can send staff to f2f conferences and others can’t/don’t. What is being done to bring truly new people into the mix? Is there a way to publicize the conference(s) and suggest ways that schools/districts could both promote to their teachers and follow-up afterward? Are tips being widely promoted to make it accessible, such as what Jeff Utecht did for his group in Shanghai? Are PD credit and grad unit credit going to be available again? If we, the active ed tech community, is serious about progress then can we afford to still leave so many out? I know this is about more than Notk12, but I worry about only moving the advanced kids ahead and leaving the bulk of the class behind completely.

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