The Podcast: Here Comes CyberCamp

5 thoughts on “The Podcast: Here Comes CyberCamp

  1. But it’s great to see how you are putting your CyberCamp together. I’m working with groups of teachers in one-day workshops (too much to cover!) but am also designing a summer course using the book as the core guiding text– Maybe you’d like to see the syllabus? I’d love feedback on it. There are several ‘throughlines’ for this course, like yours the main one is helping teachers design rich and rigorous projects. The second is a project they will experience as students might– I firmly believe we can’t teach projects well if we’ve never had the project learning experience ourselves. This will be a grand experiment– on the surface the project is about postage stamps but ultimately it’s about communication, economics and change over time.

  2. Jane,

    Thanks for the feedback – and for the great book! I’d love to see your syllabus – and I intend to share our scheudle as I get it fully developed – so hopefully we can learn from each other. I hope to model project development during my time at CyberCamp – but wasn’t brave enough – or, truthfully, thoughtful enough, to develop a project for us to do together in the camp. Something to think about for next year.

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