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    It was a good day yesterday for our presentation on blogging.  We were the last session at the end of a long day, Dsc02949but a dozen or so people (solid turn out for the end of the day) showed up.  We hit critical mass with participants and had a great conversation.  Others came to get handouts and to ask blogging specific questions.  The yarn and sticky notes worked well.  Next time, though, I think we’ll ask folks to do their writing and commenting and connecting at the beginning of the presentation, instead of the end. 
    I’m looking forward to what the teachers who were there do with the information.  One pair spent most of the session huddled excitedly as they made a plan for some of their future blog work.  I promised pictures, and here they are.  You can look at more of the photos over on Flickr.

2 thoughts on “Yarn Blogging

  1. That’s a really neat idea for a conceptual understanding of how blogging works Bud. Smart idea, and great implementation. Making all of the connections and writing comments does make a lots of sense towards the beginning of the presentation too.

    More importantly, I like your idea that presentations don’t have to be lectures, and can include fun activities, not unlike those that you would do in the classroom with students. I think I’ll take a page from Bud’s Presentation book next time I have to talk and develop a nice hands-on activity to help get everyone into the session.

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