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  1. Hi Bud…I’ve been hard pressed to find any statistical research that supports (or doesn’t support) the use of these technologies with students. Hope you have better luck than I did.

  2. There’s actually plenty of data out there supporting learning technologies, but you’ve got to know how to narrow down the focus of what you want to do. There’s a bunch of academic journals available for e-learning, knowledge management, and also a (very fast-growing) section on how teachers and students use online environments for teaching and learning, and another sector which deals with CME – computer-mediated education.

    Your university’s library SHOULD have an academic account to access centralised, searchable databases like ScienceDirect, Factiva, Ebscohost etc. You seem to be quite web-savvy, I don’t think it’ll take you long to handle the search-parameters and find out what you’re looking for.

    I’m having a bitch of a time trying to think of a thesis topic too. Good luck. I feel your pain. And write me if feel like letting out grad school frustration. 🙂

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